Sunday, February 1, 2015

Breaking Bread

We bring you important news in the world of sandwiches


We admit it. We f***ed up.

We did not know that last Friday was National Grilled Cheese Day, or that anyone even gave a frig about it being National Grilled Cheese Day.

But it was, and people did. Including our good friends at Hudson Common, who have launched a very, very interesting sandwich in honor of the occasion.

It's called the Angry Lobster Fatty Melt, and it's the most insane mix of things we've ever seen put between two pieces of bread.

First, let's talk about the dairy. There are six kinds of cheese inside this monster: Yancy Farms white cheddar curds, Brooklyn Salvatore smoked ricotta, 2 Sisters gouda, Tickler cheddar, fromage blanc, and Prairie Breeze cheddar.

Then there's a slather of buttermilk, followed by a heap of red chili-chipotle lobster salad stuffed in the middle.

But there's one last important bit: a drizzle salted caramel. On a f***ing lobster melt.

You've got till Friday to scarf one down. Or more — they're $22 — if you dare.

Hudson Common
Hudson Hotel
356 W. 58th St. (9th Ave.), Midtown
(212) 554-6217

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