Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bottle Shock

We can't believe how much booze is at Whiskey Live


This week is Tartan Week. As we understand it, that means you're free to affect a brogue, don a kilt, and let your junk fly free in the breeze at Saturday's parade.

Or maybe skip that last part.

But it also means it's a great excuse to drink more whiskey than usual at tomorrow's Whiskey Live, where you'll enter a indiscriminate whiskey enthusiast and leave a fairly tipsy connoisseur.

And yes, like last year, there will be over 250 kinds of whiskey for you to carefully sip and not throw back like a fratboy.

And yes, there will be master classes on Glenlivet, Glenmorganie, and Oban in which you'll learn the subtleties between regional styles, levels of smokiness, and just what the hell peat really is.

And yes, there will be a whiskey-appropriate dinner buffet for snacking in between tastings from Finger Lakes Distilling, Brueklyn Distilling, and Mackmyra (which we've very recently fallen for).

After all that, throwing on a kilt commando might sound entirely reasonable.

Whiskey Live
Wednesday, April 3
Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, 23rd Street at Hudson River

Tickets: $20-150 here

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