Thursday, January 29, 2015

Date 911

Date Valet is like the Fresh Direct of romance


Even the best-laid plans of mice and men do not always get them laid.

Which is exactly why having a romance consulting service like NYC's new Date Valet is absolutely essential. If New Yorkers can order kohlrabi online, why not the perfect night out?

The members-only service offers three tiers of date night advising, from "assistant" for occasional daters to "concierge" for serial (but clueless) Don Juans. After a brief interrogation, its crack team starts funneling you personalized plans with a superspy-worthy blueprint of maps, contacts, and instructions.

(We like to imagine Date Valet's consulting team as something like the precogs from Minority Reporta chef, a gallerist, and a musician, all floating in a pool of psychically charged amniotic liquid, telepathically squeezing out the ultimate date plan.)

Example: Stroll along the Hudson after a dinner for deux at Casa, before falling back into the divans at Jane Ballroom in front of a roaring fire. All in walking distance from each other, and most crucially, your pad.

But Date Valet's services shouldn't be limited to just the ladies. A personal concierge can also help with last-second client meetings thanks to intel on up-to-the-moment bars, lounges, and strip club steakhouses.

Especially that last part.

The Date Valet

Membership: $9-28 here

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