Sunday, February 1, 2015

Run for Your Life

And chase down the most dangerous game at Track Meat 10k


We interrupt your Friday morning caffeine injection to bring you important news about an unlikely marriage of meat and sport. Also beer.

Or, as the organizers dub it, "magic feel-good water."

It's called Track Meat 10K, a prehistoric foot race with a military-style obstacle course held at Tuxedo Ridge, NY, later this month.

The race is spread over two days, in two different iterations. The Standard Hunt is a kill-or-be-killed display of athletic carnage, with racers playing either hunters or animals whose life force is represented by three flag-football flags. Animals try to stay alive as hunters stalk them.

The other version is more or less the same, but with a speed-dating component: Mate Chase runners get special little cards to exchange with potential babymakers during the course of the hunt.

At the end of both races, survivors get free mountains of beef, bacon, and beer. (Those who don't survive must pay a $20 surcharge for meat privileges.) There will be, of course, a roaring fire, bongo drums, and general caveman mayhem.

Registration ends tomorrow, so get clicking.

Track Meat 10k
Saturday-Sunday March 23-24
Tuxedo Ridge, 581 Route 17A West, Tuxedo Park, NY
(845) 351-1122

Registration: $95-120 here

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