Thursday, January 29, 2015

Film Fest X

If you think Tribeca's too vanilla, check out Cinekink


It seems like only yesterday that Giuliani was shutting down peep shows and replacing them with M&M Stores in Times Square.

Ah, but how things have changed. Next week the city's heat gets turned back on at the Cinekink film festival, now in its 10th year, kicking off on Tuesday with an epic gala and continuing through the weekend.

It's not a smut fest, per se — the pansexual films range from drama to documentary, camp comedy to risqué art house, with a bit of explicit stuff in between.

Still, most of the titles probably wouldn't make it past your spam filter. Strange Live Acts and Mouthful give you an idea.

During the week, there are several themed nights of both comedic shorts and eye-opening features, including a documentary on the original hipster gal, Bettie Page. Village Voice ex-sexpert (and lately skin-flick director) Tristan Taormino helms a panel about pioneering women in the adult film business.

The X-rated stuff comes Saturday and Sunday, with a current cinema showcase and a newly restored version of Golden Era classic The Opening of Misty Beethoven.

You might want to leave that one off your Facebook wall.

Cinekink NYC 2013
Tuesday, February 27 thru Sunday, March 15
Various locations

Tickets: $9-85 here

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