Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ski the Air

Kite Club NY will have you soaring over the slopes


The Nolan brothers' Superman reboot isn't out for another 137 days.

In the meantime, if you're in need of a high-speed, high-altitude fix during these frigid days, you're going to need to learn the fine sport of snowkiting.

Say what? Think kite-surfing + snow + awesome.

You'll learn this badassery from the veterans at Albany-based Kite Club NY, which teaches courses in the Catskills, Tug Hill, and beyond.

You can take a quick intro class, or a more in-depth, three-hour tutorial in which you'll learn kite theory and tricks like one-hand kite control. Advanced courses teach you body positioning, edge control, and other schmancy maneuvers.

If you're feeling a little less ambitious, you can just round up a group of your buddies for the all-inclusive day camp package. Kite Club will pick you up in Manhattan, load you up with hot food and drink, and set you free on slopes after a quick class.

But just what does one drink apr├Ęs-snowkiting? That's the only question worth pondering.

Kite Club NY
(205) 549-7694

Price: Classes starting at $125

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