Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bottle It In

Stop overpaying for pints and learn the art of homebrewing in Brooklyn


In our minds, "fall" rhymes with "fermentation." That's because we've been drinking a lot of our own wallet-friendly homebrewed beer — and you should, too.

Get into the right bubbly headspace with a hard cider-making class at The Brooklyn Kitchen next Saturday. No need to worry about your hops and wort yet — just learn the fundamentals of fermentation. Then graduate on to BK's monthly homebrewing class for an intro to pH and malts, and take home a beer-making kit.
100 Frost St. (Leonard St.), Williamsburg (718-389-2982). $85-125, schedule here.

With a solid suds foundation, you're free to start experimenting outside of the box. Brooklyn Brew Shop's online site supplies you with more intricate kits and house-blended gallon mixes, including Chocolate Maple Porter and Coffee & Donut Stout.
Kits from $40 here.

If you need more hands-on time, Bitter & Esters offers advanced classes focusing on specific techniques, in-store supplies, and a temperature-controlled room in which your baby brew can mature.
700 Washington Ave. (Prospect Pl.), Prospect Heights (917-596-7261)

Fresh out of six-gallon glass carboys? Need some koji-kin for your sake side-project? Outfitted for professionals, Brooklyn Homebrew has everything you need, including refresher courses for your homebrewing apprentice/roommate.
163 8th St. (3rd Ave.), Gowanus (718-369-0776)

Now that you're a certified homebrewer, it's time to join other hops nerds at the NYC Homebrewers Guild, which meets monthly over a pint (or five) at the EV's Burp Castle, sharing tips, recipes, and insider secrets. Bonus: Your membership gets you a 5% discount at Bitter & Esters and Brooklyn Homebrew.
$25 dues for the first year, $20 after. Info here.

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