Monday, December 22, 2014

Arts of Darkness

The DUMBO Arts Festival will melt your brain


Here's your water-cooler conversation play for Monday:

"My weekend? Oh, I flew through the air and shot fireballs from my fingertips."

Thank the DUMBO Arts Festival, a three-day event that brings hundreds of artists and installations to the neighborhood, indoors and out.

Start at the Manhattan Bridge archway, swathed in a psychedelic light show that brings to mind the time your roommate dared you to woof down that off-brand salvia.

Balls suitably tripping, head over to art-geek collective Wildbytes, who transform you into an airborne superhero, 3-D mapping your body with a Kinect and projecting it across the massive fa├žade of the Empire Stores coffee warehouse.

That's where the fireballs come into play, by the way.

Once you come down, stop in at the Bureau of Apology and hand the purple-haired woman your innermost confession. (You know, about that disgusting thing you did with your boss's coffee cup.) She won't judge.

Then kick back and watch the human rubberband performers deploy some of their underground East Brooklyn pop-and-lock-like dance moves, known as Flex.

And then maybe some more fireballs.

DUMBO Arts Festival
Friday-Sunday, September 28-30
Dumbo, Brooklyn

Schedule and directions: Here
Price: Free
Nearby: Governor; Gran Electrica; Front Street Pizza

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