Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top Tapas

Barraca soaks the West Village with sangria


That Spanish chica you were checking out on the 2 train? She's in here.

The sweet sangria you've been dreaming about since noon? Right in here, too.

It's called Barraca, and it's opening soon.

In addition to a dish dubbed "Jesus' grandmother's meatballs" (really) you'll find authentic tapas from the minds behind Rayuela and Macondo — and if you've ever had the frozen aguacate mezcal at Macondo, you know these guys don't play.

Oh, and the "Jesus" in question refers to the chef, not the Big JC, just FYI.

Named after a traveling theater company, Barraca's outfitted with handcrafted tables and backstage ropes and pulleys, like a García Lorca production with a smoldering Penélope Cruz in the lead.

And it's a fine setting for imbibing the house's sangria selection, mixing potent flavors such as saffron-infused passion fruit, clementine syrup, Don Q Limon rum, and verdejo.

And that's all the coaxing you need, if Penélope's stand-in doesn't do the trick.

For eats: You want the pulled lamb sandwich on house-made mollete bread, with manchego and piquillo allioli. Thank us later.

And those meatballs? Thank Jesus.

Barraca barracanyc.com
81 Greenwich Ave. (Bank St.), West Village

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Subway: 1/2/3, L, or F/M to 14th St.
Best bets: Paella de mariscos; lamb and manchego sandwich; Jesus' grandmother's meatballs
Nearby: Waverly Inn; Vin sur Vingt; The Meatball Shop

Photo courtesy CarlosAndrésVarela Photography / Hanna Lee Communications, Inc.

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