Sunday, January 25, 2015

Order Up

Porcão brings food porn to your fingertips


Maybe you're the kind of guy who just needs a bit more information before deciding what to order.

Or perhaps you just like the newest technology.

Actually, it's totally cool if you're into both of those things, especially at Brickell's new Porcão Farm to Grill restaurant. Because when it opens Wednesday, the servers will be handing everybody iPads. 

On it, you'll find the menu, plus photos and detailed descriptions of dishes. Which means there will be no need to ask the server if the side of seared foie gras is from France (it is) or if the molasses that cured the salmon is from Florida (yup, born and raised). 

Said iPads will walk you through a menu that's mostly about meats cured in house, like the slow-roasted pork saddle (pictured above) and short loin that you can order aged from 28 to 48 days. That's right, with a simple tap on the screen, you get to figure out how long you want your meat aged.

The tablet you'll be holding will also help pair wines and cocktails. That's especially helpful over in the booths at the bar, where bottle service and a raw bar arrives on rolling carts and a dance party is expected to break out after dinner hours. 

Word to the wise: unless you're looking for a serious bout of meat sweats, take it easy with the post-dinner dancing.

Porcão Farm to Grill
901 Brickell Plaza, Brickell
(855) 767-2261

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Parking: Valet; garage; street
Hot seat: The booths in the bar, where bottle service arrives on rolling carts. 
Best bets: Dry-aged short loin; Wagyu cap steak; parrilla table-top grill
OTC; Batch Gastropub; 15th & Vine

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