Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Showtime in Boca

If only you never had to leave those leather recliners


Boca used to be the land of Del Boca Vista and four-o'clock dinners.

it has gastropubs, a late-night scene, and actual young people.

And when those young people go to the movie theater, they go to
iPic, where every movie comes with a side of awesome.

High on the list of awesomeness are the leather seats that recline to near bed shape. The things are massive, big enough to make Chris Christie look tiny.

That table between you and your girl? That's for the food and cocktails ordered from a server you can summon with a button. And these aren't greasy movie theater nachos. This here food includes some of the finest sliders around, barbecue chicken pizza, and brownie ice cream sandwiches that'll leave you licking the remains off your fingertips. 

On the way out, hit the bar at the well-loved 
Tanzy. A decor built with a lumber truck's worth of aged wood and stellar craft cocktails have given the place a packed-to-the-walls late-night crowd.

Imagine that. Movies with an after-party.

In Boca.

iPic Boca Raton www.ipic.com
301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton
(561) 299-3000

Parking: Valet; street; garage
Scene: Boca scenesters crowd the downstairs bar before retiring upstairs for the show. 
Hot seat: Power recliners as big as a small car. 
Nearby: Rebel House; Dubliner; Kapow!

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