Sunday, February 1, 2015

Palm Beach Style

Ain't no party like a prohibition party at the Breakers' new HMF bar


Time for a little Florida nostalgia.

Like back to the 1920s, when Henry Flagler blazed through the Glades to build his railroad. His rich Newport buddies needed a place to stay along the way, so he built the lavish Breakers in Palm Beach.

Which explains the old-school feel of the hotel's new and very hip bar HMF, as in Henry Morrison Flagler.

The place feels just like a tony speakeasy where Flagler would've partied back then; with a gilded ceiling, deep armchairs everywhere, and a room-length bar.

From it, order something classic, like the daiquiri or mojito or French 75. That's dry gin, lemon juice, sugar — named for a field gun, because that's just the kind of punch it delivers.

Terrific cashews come on the side, but then you'll want to move on to the steak tartare and an order or two of the Wagyu sliders. There's a sushi bar, and at the end, of course, baked Alaska. 

Finish it all with a nightcap, like the Brandy Alexander: dark creme de cacao, egg white, and heavy cream, served as warm as an electric blanket.

Yeah, that's just how Flagler himself would've done it.

HMF at the Breakers
1 S County Rd., Palm Beach
(561) 655-6611

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Valet
Scene: Where one-percenters go for a stiff one.
Hot seat: Deals get closed while nestled up on the plush couches. 
Nearby: Café Boulud; Ta-boo; Cucina Dell' Arte

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