Sunday, January 25, 2015

Earth Shaker

What was once just a chill place for a stiff drink has suddenly gone national


First, some bad news. 

Broken Shaker, that Miami Beach spot for stylish cocktails in a down-to-the-details hip atmosphere, has gone national. 

As in, Southern Living named it one of the
best new bars for 2014. And oh, then there's Food & Wine magazine, which named it one of the nation's best places to score a cocktail

But don't worry, it hasn't gone to their heads. The bar in the Freehand Miami hostel
 is still just a mismatched collection of lawn furniture in a shady courtyard, floral fabric walls, and mixologists who do things from scratch. That includes the housemade vinegars and syrups made from local herbs. 

Even with all those accolades, it's still chill. It's more about Japanese hot dogs and sazeracs and a cucumber punch that will knock a hot day right out of you.

This Thursday might be a good time to stop by, when the bar's own Harlowe G. will perform at 10p with the synth duo
Jean Jacket

By all means, support them by wearing one. Broken Shaker won't judge.

Broken Shaker
2727 Indian Creek Dr., Miami Beach
(786) 325-8974

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Street; paid lot
Scene: Fans of cocktails kicking back in a chill atmosphere just steps from South Beach craziness.
Hot seat: Sipping a housemade punch under a shady tree anytime of day or night. 
The Dutch; Meat Market; Public House

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