Monday, January 26, 2015

Boot Camp

Learn to survive the apocalypse after a few days in paradise


Maybe you're one of those outdoorsy types. Or perhaps you just want to be ready when the zombies come to town.

Either way, there's a St. Croix survival camp that wants to prepare you for when the End Of Days is actually, you know, today.

Mt. Victory Camp occupies seven mostly untouched acres of rainforest just five minutes from sandy beaches. Tents or dwellings built largely of fallen wood will be your home for training in the ways of Rambo.

Your Caribbean coursework begins by making tools from stones and spotting medicinal plants, which will prepare you for an End of Days much worse than one with a broken iPhone.

For about a hundred bucks a night, you'll get lodging and lessons on how to build a fire, gather food, and for you Hunger Games fans, bowmaking.

But if you wanna escape District 12 (or the full-on rapture), sign up for the wilderness survival course, which includes six nights camping in the rainforest and classes in making spear guns out of bamboo.

You know, just in case. Those Caribbean mermaids can get awfully aggressive sometimes.

Mt. Victory Camp
Creque Dam Rd., Frederiksted
St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
(866) 772-1651

Price: Starts at $25 for campers, plus classes; $840 for a six-night stay in bungalows, classes included

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