Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meat and Greet

South Beach's Meat Market Meatathon


Post-Thanksgiving, you hit the gym hard and shed all that pie.

But now look at you: svelte, toned, and absolutely in the worst eating-shape of your life.

Get back in the game tonight when at Meat Market's A Storied Night Supper.

The insanely trendy South Beach steakhouse is hosting an exclusive four-course dinner, pairing rum cocktails with enough succulent meat to tempt even a vegan to convert.

Expect conch ceviche (pictured), lamb spare ribs, wood-grilled Texas quail, and a Wagyu beef shoulder. And though you aren't coming for the veggies, there will be truffle-honey-glazed mushrooms, which are worth saving some room for. If there's one exception to meat training, it's truffle-honey-glazed anything.

Drinks will be shaken by
Ezra Pattek, a self-proclaimed mixologist, much-heralded cocktail man, and fine Twitterer. We're looking forward to tonight's gem: a classic Dark and Stormy rum, lime, ginger beer, and a secret or two from Pattek.

Hint: he might talk after you share with him some truffle-honey glaze.

A Storied Night Supper
Tuesday, December 17
Meat Market
915 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
(305) 573-0658

Price: $75, call (305) 573-0658.
Nearby: Juvia; SushiSamba; Yardbird

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