Friday, January 30, 2015

Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Circus gets freaky in the Colony Theatre


With a month of absolutely insane parties (even more glitter and face paint than usual), Halloween doesn't need much improvement.

But they went ahead and did it, anyway.

Building on the success of last year's Cirque Du Soleil-inspired Vampire Circus, this year there's even more to feed on during Vampire Circus' Tales of a Graveyard Clown.

It all goes down in the creepiest setting possible (besides the velvet rope line at LIV Nightclub), a 1930s revamped Art Deco-style Colony Theatre where the concession stands are adorned with hanging blood, and a sinister underworld of cracked-out clowns, demon scarecrows, and half-naked hula hoop spinners awaits. 

Be prepared for a ghastly seductive trip of freaky hand-balancing contortionists and crazy acrobat cage jumpers that will have you gripping your candy bag with both bands.

Too bad Halloween can't last till Thanksgiving.

Vampire Circus presents Tales of a Graveyard Clown
Thursday-Sunday, October 17-20
Colony Theatre
1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach
(305) 674-1040 

Tickets: $50-70 here 

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