Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Running Dead

Zombie Run infests Key Biscayne


Remember that one time you were trapped inside an abandoned hospital, surrounded by starving zombies?

Yeah, Zombie Fit was pretty awesome. 

But now it's time to do the hunting at The Zombie Run in Virginia Key Beach Park. 

While you can opt to run the race as a non-infected human, it's so much cooler to hound the runners as a bloodthirsty, brain-hungry member of the undead.

We assume you don't walk around town covered in human gore, so arrive two hours early to get transformed into a blood-soaked mess. After a brief zombie training tutorial (see brains, eat brains), you'll take a bus trip to your designated hunting zone for the 5K race. 

Once runners get through a toxic compound in Stage One, they'll arrive at Stage Two: your own personal military-controlled apocalypse zone, fully equipped with circling helicopters and a vaccination hydration center.

Hunt down your prey by popping the runners' custom life balloons as you tally up your undead count. 
After chasing prey, chase down the day with beer and food trucks at the Quarantine Afterparty.

Wouldn't hurt to wash your face beforehand, though.

The Zombie Run
Saturday, October 12
Virginia Key Beach Park
4020 Virginia Beach Dr., Key Biscayne
(305) 960-4600

Tickets: $25-45 here 

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