Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's Taco Time

Top three spots to celebrate National Taco Day


One thing you can say about America: We don't need much to create a holiday.

Between Valentine's Day and Peculiar People Day (seriously), we're ready to celebrate just about anything. Lucky for everyone, that includes tacos. 

Honor your love of tortilla-stuffed food envelopes (and buckets of beers) at these top National Taco Day spots this Friday.

Feisty Foursome: Mercadito
Get in on the festivities early by heading to this Midtown Mexican domain to claim an outdoor table with a street view. Then prepare for the taco view: tasty gems filled with beer-battered mahi mahi, chicken al carbon, or braised pork, each match with the potent fire-infused tequila/rum cocktail.
3252 NE First Avenue, Miami (786-369-0430). 4 tacos for $15.50.

Sweet Stuff: Huahua’s Taqueria
While this taco shop had us with their fried chicken taco and jalapeño cornbread, Haven's Mexican offspring is all about the sugary goodness this Friday. Crafting up a cinnamon-smothered hard shell taco stuffed with flan custard, apple pie filling, and whipped cream, this baby will have us forgetting about that chicken...for a day, anyway.
1211 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach (305-534-8226). $3.49.

Si, Senor: Mr. Taco
Hit up this beach staple and pick from 10 different types of tacos ranging from traditional ground beef to avocado-doused shrimp that'll go nicely with that bucket of Mexican beer. And if you stop by during lunch, the skirt steak taco with rice and beans combo will have you calling the office for a well-earned siesta.
6974 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach (305-8644901). $3.85 and up.

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