Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scary Scuffle

House of Horrors reopens with wrestling midgets


What's scarier than driving into the South Beach Whole Foods parking lot on a Thursday at 4p?

Absolutely nothing.

In second place: creepy haunted wrestling midgets at the House of Horror Amusement Park. The possessed premises are infested with old school carnival rides, demented clowns, and a chainsaw guy lurking in the darkness.

Weaving in and out of 30-some rooms full of giant evil rabbits, faceless ghosts, and flesh-eating children, you'll be forgiven for thinking the action is inside the haunted house. But it's outside where things get really scary.

This year, on top of offering dizzy carousel rides and live local bands, the amusement park also hosts Hulk Hogan’s MCW (Microchip Championship Wrestling). Witness classic beatdowns similar to Hogan's truTV show featuring midget athletes who body slam and clothesline each other. 

Just might be a new Halloween tradition.

House of Horror Amusement Park
Thru Sunday, November 3rd
Miami International Mall
1455 NW 107th Ave., Doral

Hours: Mon-Thu 6-11p; Fri-Sat 5p-midnight; Sun 5-11p
Admission: $23 per adult here (includes unlimited rides, circus, concerts, and entry to Haunted House)
Parking: Free lot

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