Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fall Crawl

Belly dancers and martini girls at the Brickell Fall Network Crawl


For an area known for its booze schmooze, Brickell always gets it right. 

From carousing at the area's best watering holes to mingling with single ladies, pub crawls here are second-to-none, especially the upcoming Brickell Fall Network Crawl with belly dancers entertaining. 

Start at Fados Irish Pub. With its dark cherry wood, fancy flooring, and classic stained glass, they're bringing some gravitas to the proceedings. Oh yeah, and traditional pub servings of Guinness and Sweetwater 420.

Then it’s onto Taverna Opa's lavish patio where the night starts to sway with martinis and live belly dancing. We’re looking forward to the signature Koukla (Ketel One, ginger liqueur, and cucumber) paired with crispy zucchini chips doused in cheese. 

Finally, hightail it over to the Brickell staple Blue Martini, known for its $4 Blue Moons and corset-wearing martini girls. Anticipate plenty of intoxicating fruity combos similar to their eponymous Van Gogh Blue Vodka drink served with a glow stick to whip in the air when busting those Bboy jackhammer moves.

Cause that's how you roll.

Brickell Fall Network Crawl
Thursday, October 10
Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant
900 South Miami Blvd., Brickell
(786) 924-0972

Tickets: $10 and up here

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