Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fall's Firewater

Top 3 cocktails to aid your transition from summer


Rejoice: Football's back, along with non-lethal humidity. 

Let's drink to the arrival of autumn. 

Paired for each month, here's your rundown on the top three new cocktails to try this fall.

September Scotch: Chamomile Kilt at Regent Cocktail Club
Known for its mad cocktail skills, this lounge has added a new drink to the roster featuring 12-year-old Macallan scotch. Stirred with chamomile syrup (that's sleepy tea), mint leaves, and lemon, the Chamomile Kilt will simultaneously cool you down and chill you out. So, basically your new Monday go-to. 
1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (305-673-0199). $14.

October Shrooms: The Flat’s Truffle Sidecar 
This SoFi lounge knows how to celebrate white truffle season by serving a classic creation with one of the most expensive shrooms around. Throughout October, sip this Hennessy-infused truffle honey cocktail with blood orange liqueur and lemon juice for that perfect mix of after-sip stimulate.
500 S. Pointe Drive Suite #180, Miami Beach (305-531-3528). $15.

A Minty November: Skybar’s Kiwi Menta
Kiwi puree, mint leaves, and muddled lime slices provide just the right balance of sweet and sour to this Bacardi-doused combo. Served in an elegant wine glass and garnished with mint sprig, this baby looks as good as it tastes.
1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (305-695-3100). $17.

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