Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hightail It

Equinox Run Club hits Ocean Drive


Sure, weekend training with your crew for the Miami Man Expo triathlon is cool and all.

But on an average, non-13 mile jaunt during the week, we wouldn't mind running alongside someone a little easier on the eyes.

That's where the free weekly Equinox South Beach Run Club comes in. 

Every Wednesday, join local runners of all levels to coast along a three-mile scenic course led by trainer Amelia Sofis, known for her no-holds barred training techniques and ridiculously high-impact, heart-busting-out-of-your-chest cardio routines.

By "scenic course," we of course meant the scenery. The trees and shrubs and whatever. But also your Lululemon-clad running mates, who serve as insta-motivation to run that much faster, with the proper form.

Said scenery is actually picturesque, leaving from Equinox before weaving in and out of sandy trails hidden under shady palm trees and alongside lit-up Ocean Drive, backed by the sounds of crashing waves in the distance (sure beats listening to the Grey Album for the 1,000th time).

You'll then dart around the Art Deco neighborhood passing by the iconic Carlyle Hotel and Versace Mansion (you've been meaning to pay them a visit, right?), before looping back around to the starting point.

By which time you've more than earned your after-run nightcap, perhaps with a new friend or two.

Equinox Run Club
Equinox South Beach
520 Collins Ave., Miami Beach
(305) 673-1172

Cost: Free

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