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Steep Sips

Miami's top 5 drinks where the bill is bigger than the buzz


PBR and pours of well vodka have their moments.

Now is not one of them.

Here's the rundown on Miami's top 5 ridiculously expensive drinks, and that's saying something in a city of club promoters, athletes, and athletes-turned-club promoters.

5. Pappy Warbucks cocktail at Tongue & Cheek
With a daringly saucy menu, a beer buzz here just won’t cut it. Instead, go bold with the $115 Pappy Warbucks cocktail, made with two ounces of 23-year-aged Pappy Van Winkle, muddled Amarena cherries, and Oleo orange oil served in a Baccarat crystal rocks glass. 
$115. 431 Washington Ave., Miami Beach (305-704-2900)

4. Glass of Hennessy at db Bistro Moderne
Inside downtown's JW Marriott Marquis, French master Daniel Boulud’s wine list is the envy of winos all over the city with pricey $130 per half-bottle Italian Chardonnay or $115 French Bordeaux. But The Hennessy Paradis cognac is the winner, at $210 a glass (that's over $100 a finger).
$210. 255 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Downtown (305-421-8800)

3. Sake shot: Blossom's Blessing at Katsuya

There are plenty of potent (and pricey) Japanese shots to go around at this ultraluxe sushi spot. Kamikaze your 401K with a round of sweet and sour sake-infused “Blossom’s Blessing” ($990/shot) or the fruity “Kimoto” concoction ($500/shot), depending on whether or not you want to eat.
$500-990. SLS Hotel, 1701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (305-674-1701)

2. Krug at Cypress Room
Miami’s newest creation by James Beard-winning chef Michael Schwartz offers drinks that measure up to the meaty cuisine. Go forth more modestly with $150 Paul Marie Devant cognac and $101 Michter's single 20-year bourbon. Or travel back in time to the boy band era with time machine in a flute, the $650 bottle of Krug 1998 champagne.
$650. 3620 NE 2 Ave., Design District (305-520-5197)

Got signed by Jay-Z's agency? Follow in his footsteps by pulling an all-nighter and dropping $250K at this swanky club, anchored by Ace of Spades champagne. Start with a smaller bottle (just $5,500), then finish the evening with the 15-liter $100K all-out baller.
$5,500-100,000. 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (305-674-4680) 
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