Saturday, January 31, 2015

Taste the Bunny

Playmate Francesca Frigo leads a screening of Miami's star vehicle, Taste It


There is a perfectly good reason why we're sending you to the movies in Ft. Lauderdale.

As part of local filmmaker nights, this old-school church turned movie theater will be showing Miami’s own Taste It, an indie comedy about spring break, recession, and falling for a Playboy playmate.

We got you so far? Good. First hit up the lobby bar for a quick beer or cocktail (there'll be plenty more time for drinking after the show), then take it into the cinema, parking it near front row for ample viewing.

The movie depicts Ivy League grad and recently unemployed finance worker Greg Rosen, who's now living back home with his mom and ready to lose his mind — until his sister comes back home from college for spring break, bringing three sexy girlfriends with her, including Playboy playmate Francesca Frigo.

After the show, enjoy getting to know the South Florida natives who worked behind the scenes in the film as they run a Q&A mingle session about their first feature film before heading over to the three bars set up in the cafe.

Okay, so it's not the Playboy mansion. But it'll do. 

Taste It
Saturday, August 3
Cinema Paradiso
503 SE 6th St., Fort Lauderdale

Tickets: $6-10 here
Parking: Free across the street

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