Saturday, January 31, 2015

iNeed This

Virtual goodness awaits at these 3 Miami-based e-shops


Kanye West's line of plain white tees is completely sold out.

And they were $120 each.

These Miami-based apps and e-tailers offer significantly more style and hip-hop cred at a fraction of the price.

And we promise you'll get just as much wear out of them.

Just Live Clothing Line
Based in Hallandale Beach, this super chill lifestyle brand features a monster collection of casual tees and long-sleeve hooded shirts that goes perfectly with their whole live-in-the-moment thing. And since this line is an affiliate of the private Broward-based gym Just Live Fit, they also serve up plenty of athletic gear such as gym bags and brightly colored energy bracelets that'll give you a better jolt than that five-hour whatever. 
Available here.

Hip-Hop By Mayday!
For those who aren't familiar with the local six-man hip-hop group with signature lighting-fast rhymes and driving drumbeat, now's the time to check in with this free iPhone and iPad-compatible app. Pinch and zoom to get up close and personal with Wreckonize, Bernz, and the crew by listening to their brand new Believers album. Bonus: Watch highly entertaining amped-up live video performances, all for free. 
Available here.

Al Dente Streetwear
You can't find Miami-based designer Eric Rodriguez's sick apparel in stores, as his workshop of choice is his bedroom (yeah, we know: yours, too). Before Kanye's white tee business, this dude was offering super slick black and white streetwear for that very minimalist, classy un-Miami-esque look this city sorely deserves.
Available here.

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