Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Weekend

  • Laugh It Up: Backroom Comedy Club Show

    Watch host Gordon Meyers’s comedic lineup, then stick around for a game or two of pool.

    Highlights: Listen to Perry Sak’s gender-bending wisecracks and Amy Dingler’s sex-charged jokes. 

    Fri 8p. Backroom Comedy Club at Tom’s NFL, 5001 NW 36 St., Miami Springs (305-343-2930). $10 and up, Reservations here.

    Nearby: La Covacha; Carolina’s Ale House; Cracker’s Casual Dining

  • Edge of Glory: Paradise Social Club Fundraiser 

    Channel '50s Cuban nightclub at this waterfront estate (pictured) soiree hosted by club king Michael Capponi. 

    Feed on this: They'll serve juicy roast pork sliders, finely rolled cigars, and spicy live salsa moves. 

    Fri 8p. Terra Veritatis Estate, 4949 Pinetree Dr., Miami Beach. $150 here.

    Nearby: Norman’s Tavern; The Forge; Lou’s Beer Garden

  • Tune In: Homegrown Summer Concert Series

    Break out glowsticks for BeatMachines’ trippy electronic show with guitar-driven beats from The Hongs. 

    Eat, drink, dance: Pair Moe’s finger-licking BBQ under the stars with $1 Rolling Rocks.

    Fri 10p. The Vagabond, 30 NE 14 St., Downtown (305-379-0508). $10 cover.

    Nearby: Will Call Miami; Avenue D; Grand Central

  • Buns in the Sun: Beachfront Workout #1

    Prepare to sweat during celebrity trainer Shaun Spencer’s intense two-hour beach workout.

    Get ready: See what's in store when you witness some of Spencer's routines here

    Fri 8-10a. Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, 1732 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (305-674-1160). $15-30 here.

    Nearby: Wall Lounge; Chalk Ping Pong & Billiards; Hyde Beach

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