Friday, January 30, 2015

Walk It Off

Discover Midtown's best restaurants on foot


Crawling ain't just for babies. Or drunks.

It's also for hardcore taste-testing in top new eateries, as in the case of DishCrawl's Discovering Midtown and Beyond, creeping around one of our favorite new foodie hoods next week.

But before you get too grabby with the food, there's protocol to follow:

1) Wear comfortable shoes. You're gonna be walking a lot... and those Prada loafers just won’t cut it. 

2) Pace yourself. Be prepared to stuff your face at four different area restaurants, so don't devour everything in sight at the first location.

3) Everything is kept secret until arrival. Your only clue is an email notification sent 48 hours before the event explaining where to meet. 

4)   Rundown Reward: Readers get 10% off their ticket price, so be sure to grab one fast. 

The overall concept? Think a walkathon four-course meal, starting with an appetizer at the first stop, several meaty options in between, and a finish line of desserts at the end.

But if anyone asks: just a long day of exercise.

DishCrawl’s Discovering Midtown and Beyond
Tuesday, June 25
6:45p start
Meet-up location announced via email 48 hours before event

Price: $45 here; enter “rundownmia” for 10% discount
Contact: Email here for more info

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