Friday, January 30, 2015

Art House

Anything goes at the Kaleidoscope art show


Naked bodies, garbage collages, face tattoos.

We love today's art.

In that same spirit comes the RAW Artists Miami Presents Kaleidoscope show. It's an anything-goes art party made for artists by artists, bringing independent flicks, fashion shows, fire dancers, and yeah, art to Buena Vista's LMNT on its worldwide tour.

Order up a few drinks at the bar and take in professional tattoo artist Jeremy Lambert's ink skin, which he transforms from boring old human flesh into crazy horror-inspired portraits. 

Then cruise around the mega art space — known for slathering the walls with arousing nudes and descending sculptures made out of wire — and look out for the colorful psychedelic portraits of old school classic singers from Miami artist Ay. 

There's also plenty to hear, including sensual vocals from the red-lipped house-pop chanteuse KT.

We don't know what KT stands for, but no worries, art's all about the interpretation.

RAW Artists Miami Presents Kaleidoscope 
Friday, June 28
55 NW 36th St., Buena Vista 
(305) 490-8666

Cost: $15 and up here

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