Friday, January 30, 2015

Beach Baller

Free beach volleyball on Ocean Drive


Sure, we’ve all witnessed sexy models take the beach in their own sandy tournament.

But watching is one thing. Now we want in on the action.
Slather on the sunblock and head over to Ocean Drive for Equinox’s Beach Volleyball Class in South Beach, a literal free-for-all (meaning: it's free) of sport at its finest.

There, drill instructor Jorge Ferris will pound boot camp exercises into the warm-up while partnering you with bikini-clad teammates for some sticky skin-on-skin resistance training.

After the warm-up, it's time to learn basic volleyball skills including insider tips on how to spike like a pro. Once all has been mastered and the sun has turned everyone into a sweaty mess, it's time for the ruthless volleyball match.

When the game is done, walk over to Wet Willies to nurse those sore body parts with an arsenal of potent frozen daiquiris.  

Hey, it's never too early to start training for 2016.

Equinox’s Beach Volleyball Class
Saturday, June 8 (and every Saturday following)
8th St. and Ocean Dr., South Beach
(305) 673-1172

Cost: Free; RSVP here

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