Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grand Finale

Top music acts to close out May


So let's say you'll spend this holiday weekend lounging by the beach. Or holed up with the Bluth family.

Come next weekend, it'll be back to the ol' two-day weekend. Make the most of your meager 48 hours by maxing out on Friday, when there's a trifecta of top music acts.

Jacuzzi Boys at Fillmore Miami Beach (pictured)
Celebrating their new 7” single, this South Florida trio kicks off their official tour with classic razor-sharp drums and zip-gun chords. Chinese pop stunners Nerve City and garage punksters Cop City Chill Pillars open the show while $5 PBR and Jagermeister concoctions are yours for the taking.
Fri 9p. Backstage at the Fillmore, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach (305-673-7300). $5.

Ketchy Shuby at Will Call
Miami soulsters shell out a mix of wild bass guitar with percussion, saxophones, and flute combos as they rock out to “I’ll Take Care Of You” from their newest album Downtown Soul Record Singles Club II. In between sets, there’s also local music master DJ Joshy Josh ripping through random electro beat switch-ups.
Fri 10p. 700 NE 2nd Ave., Downtown (305-577-5900). No Cover.

Tobacco Road’s Jam On The Road
Witness a musical charade on all floors of this dive staple, starting off with bluesy rock sounds from Off Orbit and the guy/girl duo Killmamma downstairs. Upstairs in the speakeasy, listen up for Bobby Lee Rodgers' killer jazz vocals and Lingo’s offbeat old-school funk fusion.
Fri 10p. 626 S. Miami Ave., Downtown (305-374-1198). $5 cover; free before 9p.

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