Thursday, January 29, 2015

School of Rock

A full-fledged rock session at Churchill’s Pandemonium


Yes, Miami is known for fist-pumping house beats inside of high-priced, flashy clubs.

But let's not forget those rare grimy dives that show off some serious rock talent -- for free.

We're talking about Pandemonium, a full-on jam session at Churchill's, where the gritty Little Haiti pub we love unleashes an unprecedented arsenal of rock. 

On this evening, dropping change into the jukebox of this dilapidated, smoky pool hall won't do a thing. Because the soundtrack's provided live by South Florida’s finest acts.

Expect to hear everything from the sexy bluesy vocals of Venezuelan-born Yeshiva to Johnny Two Chords riling up the crowd with classic punk rock bliss. And yes, we're expecting a mosh pit.

So be sure to be fuel up on PBR and bangers & mash inside by the bar stage. Or drink dinner via $2.50 well on the patio stage, a perfect vantage point to witness splendid musical chaos unfold inside and out.

Later on in the evening, Signal Down takes the stage with their guitar-driven rock music blend and Radiohead-like vocals, priming the audience for D/EFFEkTOR's crazy painted faces and booming doomsday industrial metal. 

Go ahead, fist pump if you're feeling it. We will be.

Pandemonium at Churchill’s Pub
Thursday, May 2
Churchill’s Pub
5501 NE 2nd Ave., Little Haiti 
(305) 757-1807

Price: Free entrance 

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