Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grip the Whip

Your chariot awaits at the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience


Yes, today is April Fools' Day. And this is funny.

But what's going on this weekend is no joke. Promise.

You really will be taking new high-powered cars out for a spin at the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience this weekend. And it really is free.

Start off in the XJ: Supercharged beast, then work your way to test driving something with solid top removal such as the XKR-S Convertible.
Park it alongside a world-class professional race car driver, where you’ll whip around in one of their crazy-fast simulated driving courses. They’ll also be able to teach you some tools of the trade here, too, such as accident avoidance (a valuable trait here in Miami).

And while you won’t be able to drive the super-fast, powerful Jaguar monster 2014 XFR-S, you’ll at least get to check it out from the sidelines. 

The best part might be bragging rights: when you receive footage from the event of you behind the wheel. Your Facebook profile is about to get a lot more cred.

And speed.

Sun Life Stadium
Friday-Saturday, April 5-6
347 Don Dhula Dr., Miami Gardens

Cost: Free; sign up here

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