Friday, January 30, 2015

Jump Start

Miami's first indoor trampoline park is hoppin'


The Heat can't seem to lose. But they've gotta be exhausted.

Maybe it's time Coach Spoelstra refreshed the linup with someone handsome, local, and whose vertical eclipses mighty Wade's. Someone who subscribes to fantastic daily e-newsletters.

You, friend. You.

Head to the new Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, Miami's first-ever such park, where all it takes to jump like a bluechip recruit is wall of blue-padded trampolines.

Here, you’ll find springy surfaces fastened together to create one mega monster of a trampoline that fills the entire space. Ricochet off walls, pop in and out of hoops dangling in the air, and pull off the ultimate sequence of Instagram pics (how about you pretending to read Steve Job's memoir mid-air?).

If you're looking for a structured workout, there's always the one-hour long SkyRobics Bootcamp class, where you'll burn around 1,0000 calories while mixing in a training session of core, strength building, and wild cardio.

They've also got a 3-D Dodgeball Tournament in the works, so ask about signing up to compete against the Balls of Steel champs.  

That is, only if Coach will let you off for the night.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
5450 NW 82nd Ave., Doral
(305) 640-5424

Cost: Jumps $9 and up; SkyRobics Bootcamp $10 and up; 3-D Dodgeball Tournament $120
RSVP: Schedule a time here

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