Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pumped-Up Kicks

Kick these new sneakers designed by top Miami athletes


If you can't be LeBron, might as well dress like LeBron.

And Dwyane Wade. And Reggie Bush.

As 2013 sets into motion, it's time to check out these new sneaker collections from top Miami athletes. Let the games begin.

Dwyane Wade
Wade left Nike and signed on with Chinese athletic company Li-Ning to create his new clothing line called WADE, set to debut at Fashion Week New York in February. Besides having trendy lens-less glasses, this line's main focus is the Alejandro Ingelmo-designed “lifestyle/basketball cultural sneaker,” with a modern style and deluxe feel more suitable for picking up girls than rebounds.

LeBron James
We've heard of baseball players corking their bats, but leave it to MVP LeBron James to take that to another level with flashy gold sneakers made out of cork. Sporting a leather tongue, wax laces, and funky red lace holes, the Lebron X “Cork” debuts in a few months (we got a sneak peek at Art Basel), arriving in a cork shoebox lined with leather.

Reggie Bush
As a New Orleans Saint, the former Heisman Trophy winner naturally gravitated to gold as his color of choice. Embracing his Dolphins side, Reggie's new kicks now offer a more tropical, ocean tone. Made by Adidas, they are similar in style to the red ones with blue piping that Bush designed for Haitian relief efforts.

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