Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sound Check

Top live shows this weekend

Of course it sucked watching Coachella on YouTube, but now we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Live.
Whether you’re into mosh pits, head-bobbing, or fist-pumping, here's your rundown of this weekend's top live shows.

Step inside a dark underground domain to see this electrifying avant-dance duo unleash their booming bass lines and righteous beats. The free vodka served during the first hour will help get you in rhythm with their offbeat, bumping songs. By that time no one will care if you bust out your own version of The Creep.
Sample track: “Play House” (Spotify version here)
Sat 11p. Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Downtown (305-377-2277). Free.

The Jane Doze
Don't just dance to the turntables, go ahead and gawk at them. This New York mash-up/remix/DJ twosome does more than awe with their sick beats — they've got even better looks. Try not to sprain an ankle while you're impressing them.
Sample track: Remix of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me"
Sat 10p. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Design District (305-576-9577). $10.

Zane Suarez
This mad rocker's one-man show will get your head bobbing with just a simple strum of the guitar. Sure, he’ll be playing songs from his album Life Interrupts but he might sneak a few Beatles covers in there too — and don’t be surprised if he busts out a live rendition of the old Z Toyz jam, “Miami Breakdown.”
Sample track: "What You Wanna Be"
Sat 10p. Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Downtown (305-374-1198). $5 after 9p.

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