Friday, January 30, 2015

Sea Combat

Underwater leg wrestling

Dunking your friend’s head in the pool is for amateurs.

And you, my friend, are certainly no amateur.

Upgrade your waterbound sneak attack by booking a free session with Christopher “The Waterspider” Meadows, founder of Underwater Leg Wrestling.

What, you haven't heard of it?

Head over to this underwater league’s secret downtown location where you’ll train with the master one-on-one to learn this fierce water sport.

The objective? Forcing your opponent down to the bottom of the pool using only your legs and feet.

In your training session, you’ll first be guided on the rules: no timeouts, no hand use, and no swimming away from your opponent — not that you would ever do that anyway.

Then you'll take part in multiple matches of 45 seconds each in a shoulder-deep pool where you'll be paired against an opponent of similiar size, skill, and agility.

This sport is no joke. There's even a petition for a spot in the 2016 Olympics.

Because the rest of the world surely wants a chance to bring Michael Phelps down to the bottom of the pool.

Underwater Leg Wrestling
Downtown Miami
(305) 244-6028 

Price: Free; bring your own goggles
Sessions: By appointment; 1-2 hours long

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