Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Abyss

Explore an underground chamber at Camp Owaissa Bauer

Caves. They're not just for Batman.

Strap on your finest cave-roving gear and head an hour south to Camp Owaissa Bauer for next Saturday's Explore Real Caves tour.

After traversing the camp’s tropical closed canopy forests full of sedges and vines, you’ll come across an opening that will take you inside the deep, dark world of underground caves.

But this is no Geico ad.

Your afternoon journey will also take you through the park's hardwood hammock and pine rockland.

Later on, stick around to learn about the resident Easter Screech owls and toast marshmallows by a campfire.

Luckily, there won’t be any hopped-up hippie guide singing "Kumbaya."

The Dark Knight would never stand for that, either.

Explore Real Caves at Camp Owaissa Bauer
Saturday, April 7
17001 SW 264th St., Homestead
(305) 247-6016

Cost: $8 per adult
Reservations Required: Contact Ted Guevara at (305) 247-6016 or here

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