Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Southern Comfort

Catwalks and kegs at Double Barrel Roadhouse


Clues you are in a roadhouse, not a bar:
1) Girls in denim shorts and thigh-high stockings on elevated catwalks lowering buckets of beer down to the bar via rope.
2) Live bands performing from seats carved out of elevated kegs hanging over the stage.
3) Patrick Swayze sightings.

Two out of three ain’t bad at Double Barrel Roadhouse, the Monte Carlo’s newest foray into the drunken cowboy party scene.
Only this isn’t your typical sawdust-covered “Rawhide” room. It’s a shiny, contemporary palace of Southern comforts where impromptu performances from the “interactive staff” keep you guessing.
That means dancers thrashing about on catwalks that overlook the bar as you chase shots of Fireball whiskey on tap with house-made wine coolers and spiked ice tea cocktails.
Whether you’re watching sports on flatscreens or live bands on the aluminum-paneled stage, crispy meatloaf, buckets of fried chicken, and catfish sandwiches are never too far away.
And in case the action gets too rowdy, they’ve also got an outdoor deck overlooking The Strip that you can access through retractable glass doors.
Ordinarily we'd be inclined to offer a few words of wisdom before entering the Double Barrel abyss, but let's be honest: this isn't your first rodeo.

Double Barrel Roadhouse facebook.com
At Monte Carlo, 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. S., The Strip
(702) 222-7735

Nearby: Minus 5 Ice Bar; Beacher’s Madhouse; Hakkasan

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