Saturday, January 24, 2015

After Hours

AFTER sets new rules for pre-sunrise Vegas clubbing


No, you don't have PTSD.

That's just the light-headed, brain-numbing feeling you get from listening to the same 20 songs on remixed repeat at the pool, then the club, then at the after-hours joint.

But in a heroic rescue from late-night deja vu, AFTER is Sin City’s newest refuge from the usual cookie-cutter EDM that engulfs Vegas after 3a.
And they take their mission seriously. So serious, in fact, that they’ve posted a list of “DJ Rules AFTER 3AM” in the DJ booth.
Arrive on Saturday night at 3a when the club opens, and you're finally safe. No David Guetta. No Avicii. No LMFAO. No pre-mixed “lazy” sets. No talking into the mic. No song requests. Only drink requests.
The rules went on to become a viral sensation among the DJ community, so much so that that they’ve even spawned their own T-shirts (partial proceeds from which go to California youth DJ group Camp Spin Off).
So instead of zombie dancing to the same old dubstep till the 8a closing time, thrash to hard-rocking EDM from local underground heavies Black Boots or next-generation progressive trance from Amsterdam’s Max Graham.
Better to dance to trance than be in one.

3765 Las Vegas Blvd. S., The Strip
(702) 945-7500

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