Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fizz Show

Caviar and $2,500 champagne cocktails in Caesar's Palace


Any fool can douse himself in a $10 bottle of Trader Joe's champagne this New Year's Eve.
But real men sip their bubbly.
So break out the formal dress early and demonstrate the right way to sip champagne where's it's practically New Year's Eve every night — Fizz, the stylish new champagne lounge in Caesar’s Palace brought to you by Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish.
There’s caviar and charcuterie from Elton John’s personal chef alongside artwork from the couple’s own collection in a champagne-colored den of bronze glass and cream leathers reminiscent of an actual palace at which Caesar himself might be spotted.
And if you’re going to lounge like royalty, you might as well drink like it too: as in the $2,500 Fizz Deluxe cocktail of Grand Marnier, Hennessy Richard Cognac, and Dom Perignon topped with a 24k gold-dusted rose petal.
Be cool, don't pocket it.

You can also sip champagnes from Fizz’s private label collection or jump right into contemporary cocktails, from the Cuervo-packed Mexican Summer to the Basil Hayden/Wild Turkey bourbon-stuffed Dixie Lily.
Obviously, dessert in a joint like this is coming in liquid form: The Hercules PB&J cocktail with peanut butter wrapped around the rim.
Those glasses aside, that Elton's got some taste.

at Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S., The Strip
(702) 776-3200

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