Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cashing In

Unchain yourself from the sportsbook and place your bets from anywhere in Nevada


You’ve got a busy Vegas itinerary. You don’t have time to sit in a sportsbook all day checking scores so you can place your next bet.
Good thing you charged your phone.
Introducing Nevada Sports Books, the new mobile sports wagering app that lets you place your bets from anywhere in the state of Nevada just as you would at the sportsbook.
Step one: Walk into a local sports book including Rampart Casino, South Point Casino, and Eastside Cannery to set up your account and make a minimum deposit of $100.
Step two: Download the app. Your phone is now a mobile casino, with all bets going directly to the sportsbook location where you set up your account.
Step three: Gamble the whole time you're in Vegas. Literally. Or the Grand Canyon. Or while driving this.
Finally, a way to make multi-sports parlays during a lap dance.

Nevada Sports Books
(702) 797-8127
Price: Free; download here
Compatibility: Android 2.1 or higher, iPhone iOS5 or higher

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