Monday, January 26, 2015

Getting Bombed

It's the nuclear age of drinking at Atomic Liquors


There's something you may not know about Ol' Blue Eyes.

Sinatra liked nukes.

Liked them so much that there's a bar in Vegas where he'd climb the roof just to watch the test explosions in the desert.
That's what used to pass for fun in the ‘50s at downtown’s recently re-opened Atomic Liquors, Vegas’ oldest freestanding bar.
Sinatra was there. Then came DeNiro, Eastwood, Hoffa, Casino, and The Hangover pretended to be. And now, you.
Following its 2011 closure — after the deaths of its longtime owners — the new Atomic may not have nearby nuclear blasts to view anymore but you can watch rolling videos of mushrooms clouds over the urinals.
Grab a seat amidst a colorful crowd of locals at the historic brick hut’s classically long wrap-around bar where last call on a Friday night doesn't arrive until 8a on Saturday. (If that’s too restrictive, there's no last call on Saturdays.)

Sampling flights of 20 craft beers on tap including Big Dog’s Dirty Dog IPA and Tenaya Creek Pilsner, or go big with the Atomic Cocktail (ingredients classified) or F-Bomb (Fireball whiskey, Fernet, and Atomic’s own energy drink).
All of which help you drop bombs on the dance floor until 6a during their Duck & Cover late-night DJ sets.

Atomic Liquors
917 Fremont St., Downtown
(702) 349-2283

Nearby: Bunkhouse Saloon; Downtown Cocktail Room; Heart Attack Grill

photo courtesy Curtis Walker, Photo Bang Bang

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