Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dinner Dungeon

Mandalay Bay serves up a slice of Steampunk


Steampunk isn’t just for weird loft parties anymore. It’s expanding to fine dining.
Feast your eyes on Rx Boiler Room, a steampunk-inspired dining room at Mandalay Bay.

Enter through an entryway of discarded metallic gear shifts, clocks, and wheels. And if that doesn't give you the hint that you’re in for a different kind of dining experience, servers in corsets, lace stockings, and leather boots will.
Or maybe it's because they're calling your laboratory beaker libations “drink potions” amid ceilings dressed up in crystal chandeliers and dressed down in alchemy symbols.
Or maybe it's because you'll sit in a Victorian leather chair to order from the nourishment cart some charred octopus kebabs, braised oxtail croquette dijonnaise, and chicken pot pie nuggets. And yes, they also have grilled cheese if it's that time of night. Just know it's served inside out — alchemy at its finest.
Just remember, you don’t order beer here. You order The Bitter Truth, a concoction of Magic Hat beer and Jerry Thomas bitters served in a copper mug with dehydrated peach slices rolled in crushed pistachios with a mint sprig dusted in powdered sugar.

You know, like they did in ye olde days.

Rx Boiler Room
at Mandalay Bay, 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. S., The Strip
(702) 632-9300

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