Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happier Hours

A downtown seesaw and shuffleboard on the 52nd floor


Rather than staring blankly at surgically enhanced chests, take a minute to enjoy the natural beauty of the city at these two new Vegas bars. (We suggest charging up your phone before you arrive.)
The View at The Palms
No, we don’t mean Elizabeth Hasselbeck and friends. We mean the 52nd floor of the Palms, where you’ll enjoy one of the best views of the city twinkling in through floor-to-ceiling windows in a luxurious metallic setting. But just because you’re ordering fancy bottle service doesn’t mean you can’t partake in Jenga, Connect Four, and the classiest shuffleboard lane you’ve ever seen. Go all Color of Money at the red velvet billiards table surrounded by black leather sofas and be sure to honor the lounge’s “stylish nightlife attire” dress code.
4321 W. Flamingo Road, The Strip (702-944-3464)
Park on Fremont
Downtown Vegas gets a slice of Austin, Texas, at this brick open-air bar serving up Bloody Mary-style Texas Tuxedos and mojito-esque Unicorns in an upscale diner setting complete with animal oil paintings and an old-school jukebox. Order up a Philly mac n' cheese steak served on newspaper or a fried chicken and waffle sandwich before stepping onto the stunning outdoor cobblestone patio (pictured) stacked with bright mosaic tiles, lush trees, and a hopscotch court. But you gotta be extra cool to find the hidden outdoor patio and discover its metal seesaw, where you’ll take on all comers (OK, only ladies) until the 3a close.
506 E. Fremont St., Downtown (702-834-3160)

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