Monday, January 26, 2015

Love and War

In the battlefield of love, AK-47s and sawed-off shotguns are your new wedding accessories


Another Call of Duty, another record-breaking launch.

Why play online with 13-year-olds in need of anger management counseling when you've got immature buddies of your own?

Forgo the plastic triggers for real ones at Battlefield Las Vegas, a sprawling complex of war games that gives “Vegas Fight Night” a whole new meaning.

First you'll arm yourself with the largest collection of US and foreign weapons available for public use in the country before stepping into the 25-yard indoor firing range.

Then come out guns blazing with actual weapons used in military conflicts throughout history from WWII-era pistols to the same firearms Seal Team Six used to take out bin Laden.

You can also play Capone with mobster-approved sawed-off shotguns or fight the Ruskies with Cold War-era AK-47s.

And, after taking a ride to their 200-acre desert training facility in a Vietnam-era HMMVV, you can also have your wedding here.

We hope the priest is wearing kevlar.

Battlefield Las Vegas
2771 Industrial Road, Off-Strip
(702) 586-1000

Price: $85-$600 here
Nearby: Circus Circus; Landry's Seafood House; Stratosphere

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