Sunday, February 1, 2015

Into the Danger Zone

Aerial war games for beginners at Sky Combat Ace

Anyone can get bombed with friends in Vegas.

But going on bombing runs with friends in fighter planes while pulling off Top Gun-style aerial loops?

That requires more than just liquid courage.

Clear summer skies means it's the perfect time to take flight at Sky Combat Ace, where you get to play fighter pilot for the day.

You'll learn what it takes to pull off Maverick-style spins, rolls, and tricks under the guidance of a trained pilot in a 2-seat WWII-era fighter plane.

You fly the plane yourself as the instructor (who keeps an identical set of flight controls in case things get hairy) talks you through each maneuver.

Reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour as you cruise 1,500 feet above the mountainous desert south of Vegas on simulated bombing runs.

Train your sights on friends in other planes, where a laser tag-style system simulates what it's like to shoot another plane — with smoke coming from the back of your opponent's jet.

Finally, that Top Gun Halloween costume sees some real action.

Sky Combat Ace
1420 Jet Stream Drive, Henderson
(888) 494-5850

Price: $599 and up here

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