Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bikini Republic

Cast your vote at MGM Grand's Hot 100 contest

Two things you can count on during summer in Vegas: hot weather and hot women.

Prepare for a primary of beauties at MGM Grand's Hot 100 bikini contest, taking place every Friday afternoon at the hotel's Wet Republic pool.

It's democracy in action with dozens of impossibly fit women fighting for your vote to be elected “Hottest Female In Vegas.”

Spend an eye-popping afternoon sipping mojitos by the pool as they parade down a pool-adjacent catwalk wearing numbers (and little else.)

Hand your ballot to an “official,” where it is counted along with online votes and celebrity judges as live DJs lay down beats like the Founding Fathers intended.

After a rough afternoon fostering democracy, relax in a VIP bungalow with private Jacuzzi, HDTV, and (of course) your own personal misting system.

Doubt the White House has one of those.

Hot 100
Fridays thru August 10
Wet Republic at MGM Grand, 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd., The Strip
(702) 222-1501

Price: RSVP for free or VIP entry here
Nearby: Paris Las Vegas; Bellagio; Excalibur

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