Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hangover Healer

Step aboard this bus for a 45-minute hangover fix

In 2009, Vegas was home of The Hangover.

Now Vegas is fighting it off with Hangover Heaven, a new bus service that roams the Strip administering IVs to last night's casualties.

Don't expect an angry city bus driver. This ride comes equipped with a Duke University-trained anesthesiologist who specializes in bringing zombies back to life.

Step aboard the cloud-emblazoned bus asking “feel like hell?” to find a fallout shelter of lounge couches, bunk beds, flatscreens, headphones and iPads.

First, the doctor will assess you with a “hangover severity score” (please resist the urge to bet on this or compete with friends for the high score.)

Treatments are then administered in the form of IVs that flush toxins from your system along with vitamins and pills that fight nausea and pain.

Each treatment takes about 45 minutes and, even after enjoying “about 30 drinks” like the guy in the video testimonial, you’ll be “ready to go back out.”

And yes, they do make house calls.

Hangover Heaven
Roaming the Strip daily 8a-3p

Price: $90-$150 (appointments can also be booked by phone)
Bus stops: Bellagio, Paris, Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock (view full list here)
House calls: $375-$500 8a-4p Mon-Wed

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