Monday, January 26, 2015

Flight School

Skydive without a parachute at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

There are innumerable ways to risk your life in Vegas.

Why add skydiving to the list of Sin City killers?

If you want to free fall without the risk of plummeting to your certain death, take flight at Vegas Indoor Skydiving where April rains won't dampen your taste for adventure.

Suit up in a baggy Sumo-style windsuit, helmet and goggles and step into a foam-padded vertical wind tunnel to battle massive 120 mph hurricane-force winds.

Let the wind do all the work as it lifts you into the air, where you'll hover like a star and experience the feeling of bodyflight — no plane or parachute required.

And you can even get all acrobatic with mid-air spins and turns without worrying about when to pull the ripcord.

Finally, a way to spend an afternoon like Point Break's Johnny Utah jumping after Patrick Swayze…without having to be Keanu Reeves.

You're gonna need to save the real gambling for the blackjack table, anyway.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving
200 Convention Center Dr., The Strip
(702) 731-4768

Price: $50-$400 (plus $25 for DVD)
Nearby: Wynn Las Vegas; The Beach; Peppermill

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