Saturday, January 31, 2015

Afternoon Delight

GhostBar Day Club covers your post-noon party plan

With temperatures dipping into the 80s, Vegas' day clubs and beach parties — from European style bathing at Tao Beach to swim-up blackjack at Hard Rock Beach — are all but ghosts until the groundhog says otherwise.

With one exception.

The Palms’ new adult day care, GhostBar Day Club, understands your need to ogle women in fluorescent bikini tops, drink beer bongs, and smash piñatas even into the winter months.

So, they’ve brought the party inside until the Palms Pool opens again.

And, because it’s not a restaurant, the party starts at 1p, and goes right through until the next day.

High noon, indeed.

GhostBar Day Club
1p onward
4321 W. Flamingo Rd. (702) 942-7777

Nearby: The Playboy Club; Penn & Teller Theater; Little Buddha Sushi Bar & Lounge

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